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Ultra-Light Launch

Rapidly deploying, adapting and synchronizing complex processes makes impossible projects possible! We call this an “Ultra-Light Launch” and it can be used for new products and services or to adapt existing ones to new opportunities.

Entrepreneurs often have to make decisions with less than complete information, launch when under-prepared and operate with limited resources. Not any more! Ultra- Light Launch gives you the information and resources you need to move fast!

Ultra-Light LaunchLaunch time and costs can be dramatically reduced when:

  • Team members fit the project.
  • Individual member infrastructure costs are minimized.
    • Labor and space in rural America is less expensive
    • At-home work virtually eliminates office expense
  • Tools & equipment are already in place.
  • Software is already available and infinitely adaptable

Call us at 1-866-873-2725 to find out how Pendleton DataFarm's exclusive Ultra-Light Launch can propel your project or business forward!