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Pendleton DataFarm, LLC, operates several companies. All of these companies can be counted on for the same exceptional level of service and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Document Retrieval Network ::Public Records Services

Courthouse document research, recordings and retrieval.

Pure Design ::Professional Customized Graphic Designs

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Specialty/Miscellaneous

SyncCenter ::Synchronized Offsite Solutions

We are not an ordinary call center or data processing center.

We provide custom programming, tech support, data management, data processing, and inbound and outbound customer care. We take your project and make it happen. If you need it done, we can get it done!

All these projects are coordinated from the Pendleton DataFarm SyncCenter. The SyncCenter develops and integrates technological solutions that support the people that must all sync up to make everything work. Our emphasis is on making all the parts work effectively together no matter where they are located.

We are nurturing a truly caring service culture to assure that your customers are treated right at every point of contact. When your customers are served by our staff, people will thank your company for being such a nice place to do business with and will tell their friends.

We deliver:

  • An extraordinary level of homegrown, empathetic service
  • The flexibility to quickly customize technology, integrate systems, and digitize paper documents
  • Resolution of complex subjects and issues
  • A management relationship that works as a part of your team with complete determination and creativity to make your project succeed

If you need to outsource any part of your operation, we can help. We provide the support you need so you can keep growing your business:

  • Lifecycle customer service, including outbound sales calls and customer service
  • Fully integrated tech support, connecting your offsite project with your office
  • Real-time remote monitoring of all data, reports, and even phone lines
  • Cost effective custom programming and systems integration
  • Experience with financially and legally complex customer service and data projects
  • Flexible communication channels: phone, email, fax, web, postal mail
  • Brand enhancement through courteous, consistent customer care
  • Expert call center scripting, training, and supervision
  • Fully customizable CRM reporting to help maximize return
  • Application and contract processing
  • Document preparation
  • Quality control and problem resolution
  • Order entry
  • Onsite, on-demand full color printing
  • Hardcopy mailing and inbound mail processing
  • And more...

We work with you to make your project work!